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Whales in Tea, Approaching Uncertainty

i drug the caffeine up out of the bottle
piercing my tongue, i cough a bit
air clambering up my lungs, tissue capsules
i contemplate about how much time remains
before my night shift begins and what will
bring the end, the great demise, my fate, to turn to
powder and cosmic dust,
stress begins pattering, at first lightly
then heavily, punching me in my spine
(i could trust you with all this looming inside me)
my eyes creak inside my skull as i
stare into the wall, mapping out a divine
fairytale, about a whale that crawled up
from the sea, and lurks just beneath
the surface of my tea – well,
the metaphors and similes, they aren’t
for anyone else’s amusement but they
delight and make complete sense to me
i’ll think of them as i watch the spoon’s
reflection in the cup, as it stirs up the caffeine
i need to make some shit up to say to you,
to avoid a warm, simple truth – about you
and maybe … possibly me? with you
the whale in the room, i swallowed it
with sugar and asked for another coffee

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