Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

Rehab with planets and star pills

Highly medicated, the astronaut begins trippin’
Through the asteriod belt, nothing but spilled pills
Rolling toward the edge of cotton balls strung out
Into a milky way, huffing on the clouds
God puffs his cheeks out and whistles out loud
To a Wiz Khalifa song while
Poking a hole into the universe, it spins around the room
Like a balloon losing air, out of control and drunk
Unaware of gravity as it heavily thunked against the floor
Of a blackhole’s closet, heaven pulled itself up the staircase on all fours
Do planets get pissed off with their heads constantly spinning
Do they ever say “Nope, not anymore” and stop whatever
They are doing to quickly grab a pill or five
Before they explode, vanish, or collapse in on themselves
After a few billion years of smoking and burning up their lives
Or do they just lounge in their smokey rooms, giggling
As they wiggle in their orbits around other suns

Poem from the Our Universe Is Dead Poetry Compilation by Brianna.

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