Daily poetry from Brianna Dawn.

When the cosmic floor eats my soul

My footsteps dropped deep into the night
I look down, can barely make out the outlines of my Shoes in the dark fuzzy shadows
Can my path follow where my head goes
Once the neurons are alight and sending my Imagination on a flight, toppling through the
Air strung up, somewhere hanging in gravity
Where stars are hung up and concerned, just like me Can their paths follow where the universe throws
Us all into a celestial sea of
Cosmic dust and dark matter, can your philosophies Explain everything that matters as it seems to me, to Continually grow while I gradually diminish,
From Adam to Atom, a gust of wind thrusts me
Into an invisible form that can’t be seen
With the naked eye, I know I’ll be finished, and I won’t Be worried about seeing my shoes, my steps after midnight
You’ll pick up a religion, or a spiritual telescope
To peer into the beyond, to try to snag a glimpse of me When I’m still right beside you, dust and glitter
When you think I’m gone

Poem from the Our Universe Is Dead Poetry Compilation by Brianna.

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