Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

the universe’s heartbreak

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like
To sit across from you in a tacky coffee shop
Asking you for juicy gossip and specifics –
Like if you’re responsible for the Bermuda Triangle
Why the pyramids point at certain freckles on your face
Why mankind has to have limitations, like start and stop
And beginning and end to believe we are fully functioning
in our minds; would you tell me of a heartbreak,
Concerning some other universe you left behind? After they
Banged some other and then smothered what was left
With dust and stars, is that why you gambled?
You took your chances with some solar systems
To fill some void, that black hole you call your heart?
What’s the matter? Do you want another cup of tea?
I saw some stars dart sweetly across your cheeks –
Are you weak like me? Trying to hold it all together
Worlds and worlds upon your shoulders –
Maybe that’s why NASA says that you are growing colder

Written by Tiny Fawns for Daily Prompt: Specific.

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