Daily poetry from Brianna Dawn.

teardrop hotel

crying won’t get you anywhere
they say
except crying takes you everywhere
i say

crying allows you to checkin and
checkout of sadness,
teardrops can leave as they please
and continue on their way

you can booze on the bottled up emotions at the bar,
that have brewed and stewed for a while into
painful pretty potions and poisons –
i personally believe vodka or rum is only good
if looking through rose-colored lenses brimmed
with tears lining the eyelashes and glittering
on your skin

those drunken, saddened stumbled walks back to the hotel
are just your brain regaining a sense of clarity
after being stuck in a shitty stupor

you can look in the mirror at your crying face
and trace and poke your fingers at your ugly puffy reddened
cheeks and eyes, forcing you to confront that dreaded question

how did i get here, to this place?

we become stronger


people who say crying won’t get you anywhere
only know how to save face and never
learn how to drink their own poison
until it’s too late, they survived on lies

the teardrops will haunt them from within
with this verse from the Eagles song,
“You can check out anytime, but you can never leave!”
since they couldn’t escape and travel as they pleased

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