Daily poetry from Brianna Dawn.

existence without lines

words are lines and
sentences are written
in even longer lines,
even the space which is nothing
becomes something when it
lines up in between other lines
and those lines add strings of knowledge
to our understanding to help us become
a little more intellectually refined

driving cars? line them up, facing traffic lights
elements, too? line them up, according to atomic numbers
and library books? line them up, with A-B-Cs from left to right
also, little sheep? line them up, counting 1-2-3 to put you in a slumber

lines within lines drawn above and below other lines,
bending, twisting, curling, dotting them,
helps us in our vain attempts to define
everything worldly or divine

but what about
those things yet to be revealed
that remain hidden from our minds?
those are the things that are something
yet remain nothing because they have no lines

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