Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

deprivation and wealth

is success stitched into the seams of business suits?
or does it wait in the baggage claim of final destinations –

or is it the fate we feel we are destined for when we
become emotionally enamored in pursuits?

is success shouting from the tree canopy?
or is it peacefully watering soil around the root of it all?

is it the leap upwards to the stars and moon?
or is it the forward step after stumbling, doubting, and falling?

is success simply motion, our walking keeping in time with our thoughts?
or is it promotions, talking, sleeping and dreaming about what our money has bought?

to be successful requires fragmentation,
pulled and pushed in different directions, losing balance –
deprivation where others have wealth
being unsuccessful, we are devoured whole
by letting our demons pick away at our health

the source of success is completely
up to you on your own
but don’t be surprised if others take paths
separate from the ones
you’ve been shown,
because in order for any and all of us to grow
we must learn to chase and succeed in
other things that others need to know

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: successful

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