Thank You, Everyone

As I begin typing this blog entry, there are about 13 minutes left of the month of January in 2017. Soon February will wake up and step into the world for a solid 28 days of windy cold wintry weather that will keep me wrapped up in every piece of fleece clothing and blanket I own.

As January draws to a close, I would like to thank all of the wonderful people who have decided to click the follow/subscribe on my poetry writing and artistic dabbling.

This year, I decided to refresh my world by setting a series of small goals that could only be achieved over a lengthy time frame. I’ve always been more of a climb to the top of the mountain kind of girl, seeking out super large life goals to accomplish. However, as I grow older, I thought it would be refreshing and healthy to recondition my mind to think differently about goals and to discipline myself with routine in order to improve my skills and to … well, not procrastinate on all of the wonderful art I could be doing now instead of saying “I’ll do it later.”

Every single poem you’ve read, every colored work of art, every update you’ve seen touch this blog is proof that I’m sticking to these goals:

– One post a day for the entire year,
– One post a day for WP Daily Prompts
– One post a week for the WP Discover Challenge
– One post a week of a Shadowscapes colored pencil project

Though these seem small, to break into a committed routine after a lengthy time sleeping through a couple of years of depression, I can honestly say I’m proud of myself for these little nuggets of positivity. My artistic passion and interests that have been quiet for so long have in a sense been reborn again, all shiny and new! This has motivated me to start a new writing project and to also learn how to do watercolor painting (which I hope to share here as well). Furthermore, this has given me the strength to delve into spiritual paths that have opened up healthier roads to travel emotionally.

Anyway, before this becomes too lengthy of a post, thank you for following and sticking around. You all have been a great encouragement.

-Brianna, AKA Tiny Fawns

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