The Duckling Dialogues, February 2017 Tanka Poetry Compilation Project

As the world rapidly changes due to global warming, dramatic shifts in climate, and pollution, I was inspired to begin a collection of Tanka written about the lovely creatures of our world continuing to strive for balance and harmony within their habitats and ecosystems.

As I grow older while seeking out truth and happiness in the world, the younger and smaller I feel in the grande scheme of the universe. Sometimes to rediscover the threads of our true self in order to continue stitching the path destined for us, we must regain a childlike, imaginative, and innocent view on the world. A peaceful way to do this as I have found is to build relationships and compassion for animals and to really cherish them for their personalities, souls, and overall existence.

As for the meaning behind the title “The Duckling Dialogues”, here is a lovely quote that provides a bit of insight on the symbolism and qualities of ducks:

“Duck spirit animal reminds us that we have webbed feet and, even better, we have wings. We have the power to lift out of the watery emotions that threaten to drown us. We can swim into the depths and find inner silence … we can always dive down into the truth of the beauty that we are.” – Stacey Couch, Wild Gratitude

The collection will contain 26 Tanka poems, one for each letter of the alphabet featuring different creatures and animals. I hope to begin and complete this compilation by the end of February 2017 by uploading one poem a day starting from February 1st.

If you’ve read this far, thank you so much. I appreciate your time! If you are interested in this project or know someone else who may want to read, please drop on by my journal again for future updates or send them my way.

-Brianna, AKA Tiny Fawns

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