Tiny Fawns

Daily poetry from Brianna Dawn.

emotions – silencing;

when you whisper, notes
vanish, shrinking in the air
becoming shadows
of the music your voice could
sing –Β they could have filled the air

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  1. This poem makes me think of the intimacy of a couple as they whisper to each other. I like it very much.

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  2. Lovely.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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  3. It reminds me of a secret that you keep …. A secret that only you and your heart knows!

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  4. Silence emotion deep water of sea.

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  5. Wish I could write like you

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  6. Hy you write really well. I also write poems..would love if you go through some of my posts 😊

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  7. This is gorgeous; light, elegant, minimal, thoughtful. The kind of writing to watch out for.


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  8. Reblogged this on MyOpinion and commented:

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  9. Big thing packaged tightly! Great creation!:)

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  10. Reblogging if i can figure out how:)

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  11. Beautiful poem. Reminder of the importance of speaking, shouting, singing, even when it feels like yours is the only voice. For then, it is at its most important.

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  12. Short but powerful, weighing the gravity of voice!

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  13. Silence mean you are ready to compromise.But same time you be bearing some to stop.

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  14. I love writing about emotions. Such a cathartic experience. To read about yours is absolutely beautiful πŸ™‚

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