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mending threads

if i raked my eyes across some words
relearning and re-twisting the roots of my brain
around familiar feelings and thoughts stretched
and painted across a canvas in a different language …

maybe i could unravel the attached baggage weighing
down my mind – i could unwind  all the knotted up
strings and focus on how to convey beautiful
things – how to draw myself closer
to others …

people don’t bother to realize
with a pen stroke or a new language spoken,
we materialize within our hearts the vulnerability
of humanity instead of seeing them in
broken down, stereotypical parts …

take them out of the garage of your head
they don’t belong in there, learning some more words
in their words, will open up the floor beneath your
feet, revealing a deeper connection and brighter light
caring for their existence – your own humanity will take flight

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