some people wear
labels like bandages
and people ask

whats wrong?
did something bad happen?
are you hurt?

the questions scrape at the
knee caps and elbows of their
minds –

i have realized it is better to rip the bandages
off, pieces of tape just don’t belong –
covering up the vulnerable places,
shutting them up inside so they
never see a sun without being filtered
through some sort of lens …

if i don’t remove them, i won’t be able
to mend myself or grow
beyond a scale or measure of words
that present the world as a box of
pain to fit comfortably within
i won’t grow strong enough and bold enough to
accept a life that transcends those
limitations, and i’ll find myself resenting
the labels i taped to myself
that hurt instead of healed me
more in the end
written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: label

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