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A Special Note

Happy Midnight Greetings from Japan!

I wanted to let everyone know that from March the 23rd through April 4th I will be spending spring vacation with my boss and her family in Australia. They were gracious enough to invite me and I honestly cannot think of a better way to celebrate Ostara than by relishing in the beauty of the Gold Coast.

During this time, I will be limiting my access to the internet and all forms of technology. I fully plan to roll around in the sun and fun of Australia and let it wrap its warm arms around me … either that or it’ll kick me in the ass with a lightning bolt of artistic inspiration … or maybe both? We can hope. 🙂

Anyway, I digress. During this time, I will not be participating in the Daily Post WordPress challenges that I usually do to meet my goal of posting poetry every day of the year. (I will double up on these once I return to Japan and settle in on April 5th). 

Instead, I will be prescheduling two poem updates each day that I am absent. 
These poems are all previous poems I wrote back in 2015. 
They will be a part of an ongoing poetry collection entitled 
Reflections 2015, A Poetry Collection of Written Works by Tiny Fawns.
I will update this collection during periods of time when I am not available to provide realtime daily updates.

You can see an outline of the poem titles and dates they will post on my Poetry Collections Page here. 

All comments, questions, and ping backs will receive a response once I return (April 5th).   

This will be my first time to visit Australia so I’m hoping during this time to not only enjoy all of the wonderful experiences and adventures that await, but to also tackle a poetry project I’ve been mulling over since the end of February. If this project comes to full fruition by the time I leave Australia, I will be very excited because it will hopefully be a nice little pocket of poems I hope journals or publishers would like to stick their hands into.

Thank you for reading this long and rambling update. 

I hope the arrival of Spring brings you all happiness, inspiration, opportunities, and peace! 🙂

-Brianna Dawn, AKA Tiny Fawns

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