Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

Reflections 2015: Jerry Springer cats at 3AM

Every damn night
Or early morning I should say
As I am finally diving into the depths of sleep

The cats come rumbling across the neighbors’ rooftops
Sounding like a Maury Povich or
Jerry Springer or
Sally Jesse Raphael show

Brought right to my balcony

The hoots and calls of rejected lovers
Yelling in triumph and justification
For not having to take any responsibility at all
In the troubles they bring on to others

Like me losing my sleep
Get off my welcome mat with your hissy fits

They scream and paw their way down the staircases
And growl vulgarities at one another and drunk men
Making their ways home after a long night of
Social drinking with co-workers

And I just want to go to sleep

Thank you for reading this poem from
Reflections 2015, A Poetry Collection of Written Works by Tiny Fawns
This is a poetry compilation project featuring previously written content that I will share during periods of time when I am not available to provide daily updates. All poems from this collection were scheduled a week in advance. All comments, questions, and ping backs will receive a response once I return.

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