Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

Reflections 2015: Keys and broken zippers

One evening as the sun burned orange through the polluted atmosphere
And night absorbed the last of the stretched out shadows of pedestrians and telephone poles

A rush of wind met my face just as my body let out a weak breath
Touching my forehead to my door for a few moments before
Making the effort to dig for my keys
At the bottom of my bag overloaded with too many books and broken zippers

I stepped into my apartment, pulled open my bag,
and dropped everything everywhere

I wanted to do the exact same thing to myself.

I wanted to take everything from inside
Of me and put it inside of something else.

So that I may take a few moments to breathe before making any
Effort to dig for what I need

I didn’t want to feel overloaded anymore.
Or like my mouth and eyes and ears were just broken
Zippers that couldn’t contain and maintain
Thoughts, images, and opinions inside and outside of me

Thank you for reading this poem from
Reflections 2015, A Poetry Collection of Written Works by Tiny Fawns
This is a poetry compilation project featuring previously written content that I will share during periods of time when I am not available to provide daily updates. All poems from this collection were scheduled a week in advance. All comments, questions, and ping backs will receive a response once I return.

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