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Daily poetry from Brianna Dawn.

Reflections 2015: Little Astronaut

Are we going to the moon?
The little boy asked bouncing around in the seat in front of me
Rattling with noisy energy and excitement as his mother
Tossed his carryon in the compartment and then pushed her purse
Under the seat with her ankle
No but you better sit down we’re about to take off soon!
Going to where?
He continued to question looking around and then out the window —
The men have alien capsules!
Pointing down to the cargo containers being wheeled aboard
His mother rolled her eyes and sighed while dragging out a catalog
To browse expensive luxury items she would never buy
The boy puffed his cheeks out and turned away from his mother
Pushing his little nose against the tiny plane window
Lip quivering, I was afraid he was about to cry
Shut the window, it’s too bright outside — she said,
Reaching over to push the cover down, only to make her son frown
Shyly, but a little loudly I pitched my voice over the seat and asked —
Are you ready to go to the moon, Mr. Astronaut?
He peaked over with a grin and a pair of sad eyes, said
But my mom says I’m not going there.
I asked him —
But do you really, really want to?
Yes, it’s my dream, I want to go —
I replied —
Then there is no one stopping you! I’m a time traveler you see
I’ve been in your shoes — and maybe in about 20 years you’ll arrive
Taking your first steps on the moon
Or even Mars, I said with excited stars in my eyes
His eyes widening in wonder
The mother looked over at me wondering what kind of person I
Am and why I would even bother with this kind of conversation
But as a teacher, as a child at heart, I will always accept an invitation
To inspire children to travel far and to hold their dreams up high
So that maybe in the future when they overhear another cry,
Worrying their dreams are disappearing, They’ll
Remember their dreams, their goals, and wishes
Paying hope forward to the next stargazer in line to stand on the moon
Thank you for reading this poem from
Reflections 2015, A Poetry Collection of Written Works by Tiny Fawns
This is a poetry compilation project featuring previously written content that I will share during periods of time when I am not available to provide daily updates. All poems from this collection were scheduled a week in advance. All comments, questions, and ping backs will receive a response once I return.

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  1. Very beautiful and inspiring!
    I used to do this while teaching slum children in an internship…. It’s amazing to watch them dream and know that you’re a part of it.

    Liked by 1 person

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