Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

trees, upward & away

you think they can’t see
that they reach toward the sun, blindly
yet they stretch their arms out and upward
for you and me, so that we may nuzzle
our heads against their shade – and their leaves
effortlessly sounding an applause, waving
goodbye to our troubles and anxiety which
rise up out of us in a deeply felt sigh –
they fly upward and away, into
the stretch of clouds that poke their
heads in on our day, asking about the
progress of things – is everything shaping
up with how we want them to
be … and do they fit together with everything
as it’s meant to be? the way leaves have bent
in the glimmer of the green, as the sun greets
you and me

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: blindly

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