Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

reality; one’s nightmare is another’s dream

just one moment
and in that rest,
the best i could do was reflect
on how i felt less than what my Potential
whispers to me on the edges of my sleep
and in my small waking moments,
you tap me on the shoulder and say
less is more,
worried about all the thoughts
i stack up and weigh down on the core
of my mind, breaking down the spine
of my heart, you were concerned if my soul
would start to crack apart and let the shadows
inside take their toll, you were worried that the pause
between the hesitation i take and my sleeping
eyes will widen the gap between
what you believe in me and how i choose
to see myself, making one a nightmare
and one a dream, both i keep on a shelf
in the back of my head, letting the threads of
them become loose ends as i tread the
paths of sleep

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: pause

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