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juice and regret

when i see cranberry or grape juice
i think of those wrinkled up faces you make
when you refuse to let happiness creep in
and instead bottle up within your nerves and skin
a pissed off, irritated mood that you send
in a passive aggressive stare across the air
between us, acting like you don’t really care
but you drank too much too fast too deep
and you really do keep up with all the tallies and marks
all those things that keep you up, without sleep after dark
so you let it out, crunched up like soda cans in
a whiny voice, blaming others with a victimized tone
for your choice that you made, turning your heart to stone
it isn’t my fault you chose a throne in an ivory tower
instead of a warm place with me you could have called home

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: cranky

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