Poetry from Brianna Dawn.


sadness haunts me
of a day when future
generations will only
know our world
within the boundaries of
images, pictures, and paintings
yet will never have the
chance to see with their own eyes
and to feel with their on fingertips
the touch, warmth, blood, and life
of our world, how many more
times must the sun rise until
someone somewhere by chance
takes that last picture of that last
breath before something
endangered, near extinction
finally dies

2 Responses to “death”

  1. acuriousbadam

    True. I have felt this sadness so many times. I think this reality should make us more motivated to do something good for the world in such a way that we are remembered not for us but for our deeds. We might forget the people but not what they did for this world. Keep up the work.

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    • briannadawn

      Thank you for this thoughtful comment. At times these kind of thoughts really weigh me down emotionally and spiritually – writing poetry and doing art is my way of connecting with and cherishing the nature we are currently able to experience and be a part of. It helps to ground me in the present instead of being too overly fixated on the future what ifs. I agree about being remembered for our deeds, and I hope mine reflect respect for the earth and hope in creativity and art being able to bring out unity and harmony between everyone for it.

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