Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

walking with the wind

i think my grandfather became the wind
i know he would love to bend it around my face
tangling my hair, causing me to trip over myself
and lose my pace, but he would also love
for me to look upward, to the sky – and to admire
the ease with which clouds sail by, leaving a trail
of shadows floating across river banks and parks
he’d have me listen to the wind playing windows
like woodwinds, whistling quietly, then loudly
in the dark, as my mind races trying not to erase
the last moments of happiness and laughter
i remember of his face, when Time decided
to stop making His mark on my grandfather,
and finally let him be, let him be the untamed,
free wind that softly walks or loudly dances
around me

backdated Post A Day Poem – for March 23rd, 2017.

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