Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

A Spider’s Trials, Misunderstood

our minds curl away from them like
smoke of candle fire, how did we come to believe
spiders to be fearful little eight-eyed demons not
to be trusted, casted into the same shadows as
liars and other villains we shrink away from,
turning our face away from – thinking of their
webs as mosquito and fly slums and graveyards
yet their webs aren’t woven of lies but our warped
perception of what we fail to accept as true –
they are merely creatures writing riddles between
leaves of trees, fence posts, and mailboxes
artists catching the morning dew on their canvas,
catching the sun many times over on
the lines they have spun – struggling to undo
the lies we convinced ourselves of when in
fact we are the master weavers of the deception
that has been done

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