Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

The 8th Day

May 2017 – 31 Day Blog Challenge
Theme: What’s in my handbag?

I usually don’t carry a handbag or purse, I carry a drawstring backpack since I find them more convenient for my work and hobbies. I tend to carry a “trash” journal – basically this is a cheap small journal I write all of my notes in for work and daily writings. Once I finish with it, I throw it away (usually the writings I write in it end up shared on here!) Additionally, I’ll carry a pouch with pens, pencils, highlighters … a small umbrella, wallet, keys, etc. A year or so ago I wouldn’t be caught without a makeup bag but now I just carry my hairbrush and chap stick for touching up during the day. Overall, nothing too intriguing, haha.


Credits in the image. Feel free to participate in the challenge, too!

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading.

Tiny Fawns is a poetry journal with occasional art work. 
I recently decided to participate in this challenge so that my followers and anyone who ventures into Tiny Fawns Land can have a clearer picture of who I am, what I do, etc etc.
I rarely if ever blog outside of poetry, so for you followers who follow me strictly for poetry, I hope you will be gracious for the month of May to see a daily update from me that is not poetry. 🙂 I will of course be continuing my daily updates of poetry in addition to this.

-Brianna Dawn, AKA Tiny Fawns

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