Poetry from Brianna Dawn.


humans, more like mice –
we were let out of our
cages – given free will
to choose between virtuous
paths or roads littered with vices
to creep, run red lights, or curl
up in defeat within the maze
of life that has paved its
way across the universe
and upon our brains –
and when we change lanes, road
blocks or dead ends greet
our gazes, often unexpectedly and
without charm, without thinking
twice to seek the lessons and wisdom at
the root of all trials, we roll in the harm –
believing the extent of our self-inflicted
pain is a measure to determine what is
worthwhile to be gained, but in the end it is
letting go of all of these things …
and then, only then – the dead ends
of our journeys
and the last breath of our souls
can be reconciled

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: maze

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