the sun gave a cranky, ugly
NO, flopping over on her side
letting the rain clouds grow
until they had no other place to go
except down and on to the frowns
of people slowing their walks
and carrying their umbrellas
held high as their emotions dipped low
everyone feels the sun’s sadness,
her light hollow and bleached out against
the sidewalks below our feet

backdated Post a Day poem for April 5th, 2017

going away

we tell others
not to hold in the pain
we don’t gain anything
of it except a greying heart –
yet we tell the clouds
to make the rain
go away, not caring
for their misery as
they fold in on one another
and fall apart

lines and cold grins

kindness doesn’t wear a
cold grin or tear at the
corners of another’s
emotions – nor does it
keep a thinly drawn line
inked between what is
labeled as ‘yours’ or ‘mine’ –
kindness never counts
others’ shortcomings as losses
nor crosses them out when
their expectations do not
amount to anything or
any reality it all,
kindness is the ability
to erase the lines and let
warmth shine from one’s
heart when one cannot
find anything or any
sort worth fighting for
within others at all

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: hospitality