gulls, and the mosaics of dreams

i broke pencils with too hard a grip
as i tried to write my thoughts as if
i were chiseling them into my skull
it’s no wonder i often feel the pull
of a headache coming on, i slip
over the words, feeling a bit foolish
i imagine myself at times like a gull
making up for gloomy days
by stripping dull coastlines of
shiny litter – trying to make
the most of imperfections,
finding value in the gold
that doesn’t always glitter –
before it stashes itself away into
waves walking with the sun
before it sets and burns away
the things i forgot to write in my head
which will fade into a strange
mosaic dream, outlined
in ocean blue and sunset red
backdated Post a Day poem for April 6th, 2017

Katzenworld Purrsday Poetry Feature

Marc-André over at Katzenworld, a blog dedicated to all the things wonderful about our feline friends, selected my poem “Cats” to be featured for their lovely Purrsday Poetry corner this week.

Read it over at Katzenworld here.
Or read it at the original link on my blog here.

Thanks for featuring my poetry,
Brianna Dawn, AKA Tiny Fawns

chickens & roads

why did the chicken
cross the road?
to get to the other side
why did he not return
what was borrowed?
because the day before he had
a heart attack and died
why did she bottle up her
feelings to not explode?
because she knew
she’d be trivialized
why did lawyer drop all
is caseloads?
because he knew
none were justified

other side of the fence

one person’s junk
is another person’s treasure
one person’s pain
is another person’s pleasure
one person’s chaos
is another person’s measure
one person’s freedom
is another person’s oppressor
one person’s oasis
is another person’s desert
one person’s farce
is another person’s tragedy,
the fact of it is,
our realities
for better or for less
have a way making the most
out of the best of the best
or best of the worse
without regards to whomever
whatsoever whenever

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: farce