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misplaced keys

you lost your keys again,
misplaced — growing older
your head cracks open
all kinds of things spill out and
runs across the carpet
soaking into the floorboards
underneath, and there they
linger, a perfect pool
of childhood beneath your feet,
yet growing older your mind
slows, and the more
you walk all over those floorboards,
the mud from your shoes stack
up dirt and dust all across
the thoughts you once held
inside a special placed tucked
in a tiny box in the back of your brain
but now when you try to unbury
plots from those long lost bookshelves
where your chapters were laid to rest
the stories don’t read quite the same
leaving you less certain than before,
wondering if the key to happiness
was left under the floorboards

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: imaginary

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