Tiny Fawns

Daily poetry from Brianna Dawn.

setting free

staring into the coffee
i can already see
the words emerging,
mixed up in the caffeine
that will drip from the
keyboard onto the screen
during some sort of
midnight reverie
maybe i’ll whip up a haiku
about dragon cats facing
a war against snake rats
or a chill damsel trying to
get rid of a distressed
high-strung prince –
or i could write about
the obscure nuggets of
thoughts that trespass
through my brain as
i rinse shampoo from my hair
or i could write purple prose
about my heart sniffling
into a tissue, indulging on
chocolate to make up
for the bitter sweetness of
you that is no longer there
i roll up my sleeves
ready to lean back into
the grass, looking up into
the leaves of trees
counting them and all of the
ways this coffee keeps me
awake with a lot
of things to say, a lot of
things coming to the surface
wanting to break free

Categories: Poetry, Post A Day 2017

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