a necklace breaks, pearls spill across
the floor, we sadly curl the thread of vanity
around our fingers before we throw it in a bin
a summer storm sinks its teeth into a spider’s home
the thread breaks, dew spills across
the grass, yet we pay it no mind, because
the home of tiny creatures are the last things
to steal time from our hearts

backdated Post a Day poem for August 5th, 2017.


One comment on “threads”
  1. Ellora says:

    Beautiful work! I especially liked the comparison drawn between ‘pearls’ and ‘dew’ (or, rather, the precious necklace and the lowly spiderweb which, in this poem, switch places in terms of typical value) by the repetition of ‘breaks’ and ‘spill’, and the rhythmic alliteration of ‘summer storm sinks’. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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