laundry, hung to dry

you carried me away on your sleeve
then took off the shirt and threw it away
leaving me to wonder whether you’ll try me on
again, or will it hurt too much to
touch the fabric i used to press against
every time i folded myself against you

backdated Post a Day poem for June 20th, 2017


if i consume enough glasses of wine i’ll
wax poetics from my throat
you won’t even believe me when i tell you
that i wrote that after
numbing my mind with alcohol
i wrote words to forget
(or to rewrite and remember differently)
the words you spoke

backdated Post a Day poem for June 18th, 2017

to unbreak another

i could rip into you
expose all of the vulnerable parts
of your heart, take away those aches
and pains so that we may gain
some common ground to
walk toward each other upon
backdated Post a Day poem for June 17th, 2017

blood and being from dust

skinned things, bone and blood
brains and teeth, mashed together
feet beneath to hold us above
hands to grip so we won’t slip under
a tongue, once unbroken, now
stammers and blunders

backdated Post a Day poem for June 16th, 2017