Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

pizza & eye baggage

teenager hungry for the world
spitting rock lyrics under his breath
driving his car like it’s life or death
there are big dreams floating inside,
not even he can wrap his head around
so he frowns, understanding he can’t confide
in his parents – they’ve rented out their hearts
on finances and spent their minds to the last
dime until emotions ran dry, they
carry their baggage under their eyes –
he knocks on the door, it’s just after 4pm.
a little too early for a dinner – too late for lunch.
she opens the door – her skin haunted by
the evening blues – she looks down at his shoes
then back up at his face, in a muffled voice says
i forgot your tip around here some place
crams five dollars in his hand, he walks away
pushes himself along in his car, he wasn’t very
far before a thought crossed his mind –
it must be fucking awesome to eat pizza whenever you’d like
she ran with her ambitions, walked away from
the lies they all spoon feed into our brain –
she chose to wear a different watch, the passage
of time did not pass the same way – she chose
to let her dreams stay, to not let them die –
but unfortunately when dreams bloom and
take up too much room, others become
a nightmare pushing you to the outside
on the inside, you always see it happening
and many can’t bring themselves to stop it, but
if you aren’t about the babies and picket fences
and money filling your pockets, then
you’re just an immature little thing, they’ll take
your dreams and mock them

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: delivery

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