Tiny Fawns

Daily poetry from Brianna Dawn.

tv snow

the noise of snow raining
against the inside window of the tv set
takes me back to 1993
when i would find my 7 years old self upset that
the sun wouldn’t stay out to play longer
and bedtime was always early for the both of us
and i was angry at the sun because
i couldn’t stay up to read or play
but she could, she’d talk to the
man in the moon as he swayed in her light
i imagined on that day, eating a tv dinner
what the snow in the tv felt like, where it was from
was it rain from a pure atmosphere or from
an apologetic universe trying to
let out pain a little at a time,
in pins and needles
perhaps it felt to the touch like
a soft swarm of bees fluttering
around fingers and palms, but without the sting

Categories: Poetry, Post A Day 2017

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  1. This is a really lovely poem, with a whimsical quality to it that I really enjoyed. I especially like the personification of the sun, and the idea of the ‘tv snow’ being caused by an ‘apologetic universe’ – beautiful! 🙂

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