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brains without methods

there’s nothing random about thoughts
they are all caught up, needly folded into a box
of a brain, but unfortunately when it rains on
parades and the rooms turn gloomy grays
people desire a doctor holding a scalpel to
carve out and take all the darkness away
but a world without darkness
there really can’t be any light
we need both sides to understand the fight
for what is right. left and right,
right and wrong – what’s the difference
between the melody of what is spoken
compared to that hummed in a song?
at random, we can toss and turn
thoughts and ideas every which way
make them dance, make others sit
in the corners,
but we need all of them, in order to have
any justification or reason for whatever
convictions we feel we need to say
you can’t have a stance on anything
if everything doesn’t stand a chance

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: willy-nilly

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