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rain baby, teething

rain showed me a
wet, hungry face
he chewed at the
edges of my jeans
and umbrella, drooling
all over the place,
angry, he stuck out
his fists, shouting –
rattling thunder – and
then quietly settled
into a tiny slumber

pillow talk

the rain wanted to undo
the sun, peel off her
layers, pin her across a blue
sky turned grey –
unwind the threads, one by one
even if they were frayed
to love each hue down
into the ground, see her
true colors bloom, not fade –
arching her back, she listened closer
to what the rain had to say


telephones probably hate hearing
us drone on and on, filling
their heads with drama and
trivialities – which is why we
are sometimes greeted with
unfriendly dial tones, phones too busy,
lacking desire to hear about
our realities

a sad word

treat us gently, the words said
we sometimes treat them unkindly in our heads
slap them around in our mouths,
rolling out, falling down all wrong,
instead, tread lightly – the words said
so their significance won’t wane
or be misread, or left in the cold
unheard and dead, and they won’t be
the ones left to blame

pink eyelids

to press my face into the sky
wind wrapping warm arms around
my waist, the sun turning my
vision pink when i close my eyelids
to let my daydreams arise
reality softly sinks into the riverside

head, heart abyss

write with lips what
can’t be said with
fingertips. the heart
grows dead if you
throw her hopes too
far into your head

wishing wells

wishing wells are wet on their insides
coins crack their bodies against rocks
slipping into the water to hide the
bottled up tears and wistful stares, absent
heartbeats, and broken cares
of strangers from the outside, tossing things in
stones and water, broken, haunted by
thoughts, greed, and helplessness from
people trying to reach the end or beginning
of things, only to bring themselves to the edge
of the cold, holding nothing in their hands
but wishing for everything to stand again
without sinking low, into the bottom of
wishing wells, where all the beautiful yet
ugly things go

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: thorny