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#internet, the sound bite wasteland

deadpans frypans
pancakes cornflakes
yes i can, i have what it takes
to bake and rake and grill a steak
hit the brakes, swim in the lake
scream in terror when nightmares awake
me, scare me, tear at my brain
where’s my umbrella? it has begun to rain
the spider has spun a web of silk
a young child is milking their cold for all its worth
and has been doing so since their birth
somewhere, a hippie yells SAVE THE EARTH!
and elsewhere, a car fails to start
and everywhere, everyone plays their part
and no one really gives a shit, yet for some reason
hide it with emojis, gifs, and FUCK! That’s LIT!

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: rhyme

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