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to catch ourselves, the fireflies

sometimes i want to walk on the moon let the weight of my worries feel a little lighter on my shoulders, gravity won’t hold us down too much sometimes i want to walk on Mercury, feel closer to the sharper, hotter touch of fire from a dying star we think of ourselves as temporary and the universe everlasting when all of us from humans to ants to planets to jellyfish […]

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cake and pie

do not give a crumb of your bitterness to the gossipy fool, they will pretend it’s the entire cake and make the whole dinner table give you ridiculing glances and vicious stares but they’ll play it cool, say it’s all delicious, and pretend like they care while completely aware that their gossip is not your truth, truth is bitter and they’d rather take a a chance in favor of a […]

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cool & warm

grow gold from tiny words push warm kindness into the arms of strangers with cold eyes let others know not everyone tries to cloud out the world with shallow lies and make pretend some choose to mend the negative so positive can shine outward from within ___ written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: mighty

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waxing, waning

spring packed trees tight with leaves only to bring them all to their knees they take flight, landing at our feet until trees tuck in their arms for winter and fall to sleep, the cold grows children wait for snowflakes to tickle at their noses an old woman waits for her winter roses to bloom and a dreamer waits for moonlight to warm up her bedroom ___ written by Tiny […]

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