Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

blow the house down

somewhere out there
sad gray-faced adults are printing
school posters in bright colors
encouraging students to shine
brighter than the sun
they are the only one!
individuality is key
only to graduate from school,
their twenties hitting them
like a pile of bricks –
and they learn they are made of
sticks and hay – not so special
in a day where 7 billion people
breathe the same oxygen
under the same sun – which is just
a star, and there are even more of
them, as far as we can see –
that’s why we encourage people
to simply look at themselves,
instead of worrying about
where they sit on the shelf in
the universe, it’s easier
to wrap our minds around
we, we, we
me, me, me
but before we get too far along
in our confidence, they take the
seams of our dreams by the reins
and steer us into a society
built of bricks, bricks, bricks,
no strength to bring it all down
yet not weak enough to let go
of the pain

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: exceptional

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