Boldly my eyes meet
my own watching me sadly
in a lonely room
the light wraps around my bones
my face more shadows than light

Thank you for reading this poem from the (un)lovable poetry series written by Tiny Fawns. (un)lovable, when read chronologically, consists of twenty-six tanka poems unfolding a tiny, “safe” glimpse of the inner conflicts I often struggle with in regard to self acceptance, social anxiety, and depression. If you have read this far, please remember: It is okay to think deeply. It is okay to feel deeply. It is okay to look at yourself and not be proud of what you see. It is okay to feel hopeless, as if there is nothing to believe in. Life is meant to feel broken at times. We are meant to feel broken at times. This is because we are never meant to “plateau” – we are meant to struggle, to strive to better ourselves. And if, along this journey, you need to take a step back and cry – that is not selfish or shameful, that is okay. That is real, that is human. To let the pain wash over you is to release it. To let the loneliness break your heart is to release it. To let fears break your mind is to release them. This may take days, months, or even a lifetime. You are blooming into a better you, gradually, slowly. I write my pain to write for you. I still struggle at times to say I am lovable, but I’d like to say it to you – you are lovable. Stay true in being you. -Brianna Dawn, aka Tiny Fawns.

(backdated Post A Day Poem for November 6th, 2017)


2 comments on “II”
  1. Ra'ahe says:

    I really like this brevity. Short but quite strong❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. briannadawn says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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