Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

v. i need to know

you rise from the soil
in my dreams, the seams
of your sorrows, loosened
letting go, you lean forward
eyes soft, reflecting the sky
i want to ask you why
why you chose to
take your soul
somewhere else, i know
it was written, you penned
your pain and left it behind
but i want to ask you why
now that you are no longer
broken here, if from there
you have gained more clarity
i need to hear or feel
your voice again –
saying something new, not
an echo repeating
in my mind,
i want to ask you
what it’s like outside of our
Time, outside of our World
of Pain, i need to ask if
it rains where you are,
if the winter is just as bitter cold
i need to ask you
have you lost us … and me
or are you somehow
still growing older, over there?
it will take me a while, i hope
before we eventually meet again
i need to know when that day comes
if it is empty or one with you again

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: torn

*Poem from the poetry mini-series Farewell, Golden One by Tiny Fawns.

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