Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

goodbye, 2017.

some mistakes aren’t
meant to stay mistakes.

they don’t have to be
frozen in time; some can
be mended or repaired –

i’ll tell you one of mine.

time slipped away from me
this winter, and so did my poetry.

i let winter clouds
weigh in on my mind.

but you probably think,
that’s fine. it’s okay to fall behind …

… not to have words written every day.
even if you began the year saying 
you would definitely do this, day after day.

and i would quietly argue with myself,
not if you’re me though, my
mind likes to stack up and
remind me of every moment
i fall behind.

but i don’t want to hold
my shadows hostage,
making myself a victim
of myself –

so i mended it all, i went
back and tried to write
out each and every word
for all of the days that have passed –
i realized the bookshelf of my mind never
grew thin, there were just some
months where my words wanted
to stay tucked within my head
a little longer;

i learned missing a few
days doesn’t make me any weaker
of a writer or any stronger of a poet.

winter clouds aren’t so light but
they aren’t so heavy either.

it wasn’t a perfect year of writing,
but i tried my best to treat
the imperfections with care,
because there,

in those moments
is where i found the key to 2018 –

always try to do better,
until you know better,
then follow that road,
even in muddy waters
flowers can still grow.

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