Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

Thank You for 2017, Hello to 2018!


I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for following my poetry throughout 2017. It is so greatly appreciated. Warm hugs and hot winter beverages for all.

I really wanted to put a lot of reflection into this post for you – it is very rare that I actually write anything outside of poetry here in Tiny Fawns Land. However, with the new year just a handful of hours a way, I felt this is a nice time to reintroduce myself as a writer.

This blog post will be quite lengthy – not because I like talking about myself (nooooooo thank you!), but because I really want to talk about my struggles and successes with writing poetry this year. In addition to this, I’m also going to highlight ideas I’m considering for the direction I’ll be taking with my poetry here in Tiny Fawns land as a result of those struggles and successes.

Before I begin, a quick note:

During winter of this year, due to a job relocation and … well, the winter blahs, there was a block of time I did not update with poetry daily. I did my best toward the end of this year to submit backdated poems for each and every day missed so they are all accounted for. Apologies if your notifications and reader were slammed with numerous updates from me over the past couple of weeks!

Looking back, this year was “the first year” for a few very important decisions.

2017 is the first year …

  • … I have ever committed to writing poetry daily.
  • … I have ever decided to make writing a new year’s resolution.
  • … I ever succeeded fully in a new year’s resolution and in writing goals!

For 2018, there are a few steps in writing I would like to carry with me from 2017.  There are also a few that I’d like to throw overboard and say, “get out of here!”

I will highlight them in two sections called “Positivity for the Mind” and “Healthiness for the Heart.” This seems a bit tedious, I know. But my mind is always swimming with thoughts upon thoughts upon thoughts and mapping them out in lists … well, it just helps keep everything neat and tidy. So here we go!


Positivity for the Mind

One step I’ll continue to take in 2018:

Daily Routine – Discipline was key for me. Not necessarily for improving my writing, but for committing to action. With the daily consistency of pulling imagination from the mind and recreating it as words on paper or computer screen, I enabled my writing to take on a solid, secure presence in my daily life. I stopped shelving my thoughts and began the long journey I am still on in learning to nurture my thoughts in positive and healthy ways.

One step I’ll be leaving behind in 2017:

WordPress Daily Prompts – Participating in the 2017 daily prompt challenge was an eye-opening experience that definitely whipped my daily writing routine into shape. I recommend it for a challenge when starting out a new blog or when needing a bit of direction for writing theme ideas. In 2017, I wrote two poems daily – one for the daily prompt, the other a completely original post for the day. However, for 2018, I’m ready to sincerely focus on exploring my own original themes in addition to original posts for each day.

Healthiness for the Heart

An improvement I’ll focus on in 2018:

Mindfulness – This is strongly related to the following point I’ll make. I’d like for my poetry to convey a kindness and gentleness when expressing different themes. For example, if I have poems concerning “resentment”, I want the poems to be relatable without fueling or sparking resentment in the readers’ hearts and minds. I want to challenge myself to create writings in the future that are genuine to themes but properly treat the words, emotions, and ideas I use with mindfulness. I am on the pursuit of making words feel light and not dark, regardless of theme.

A flaw I’ll attempt to leave behind in 2017:

Emotional Litter – I want to continue freely expressing my emotions and thoughts – but I’d like to challenge myself to re-imagine how I word them on paper. I  have always impulsively written about how I felt and thought in the moment. The flaw I have with this is that I tend to over-think, especially when emotions are negatively spawned from anxiety or stress. So my goal is to “clean up” my emotions by thinking of everything from a different angle – an angle of kindness on the heart. I hope in 2018 my poetry will feel as if it is making a progressive move forward.


Future Paths for Tiny Fawns Land

  • I will continue sharing an original poem daily.
  • Instead of participating in the WordPress Daily Prompt Challenge, I am going to be thinking of 5 or 6 themes for 2018. I will then write a poetry collection for each of those themes. These poetry collections will not be shared daily.
  • There are other ideas, but they are still in the baby stages and I’m not ready to 100% commit to them yet.

As always, thank you for reading. I hope 2017 comes to a peaceful end for everyone and let’s look forward to 2018.

I’d love to know where everyone hopes to go with their writing in the next year? Please link me to your goals or comment! 

Happy New Year!
-Brianna Dawn, AKA Tiny Fawns

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