Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

nostalgia, blooming

there is a love
a sweet one buried
in memories, over time
it takes root, grows
from out of your heart, vines
climbing up to your eyes
nostalgia, a fragrance in
the air burns your hands
to pick up an old book,
photo album, or to simply
stand in your old room
and all along, those memories
once planted, had bloomed
under the floorboards of
your heart, the ache of
nostalgia echoes from
a far off place, you reach down
touch the picture of your face
from ten years ago, it feels so
distant, yet it’s right there
with you – you haven’t really
gone anywhere, yet time
went and still goes, the nostalgia
will linger and continue to grow

© Tiny Fawns, 2018

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