Poetry from Brianna Dawn.

A Look Back, 2017: Popular Daily Prompt Poetry by Month

January, 2017


with age, my heart turned to stone
my cardiovascular system barely able
to keep blood boiling warm in my bones
doctor, the craftsman, laid me out on the table
drugs and drowsiness, reality starts to blur,
he traced petroglyphs along the
vessels and valves of the heart
he chiseled away, the exposure
reveals the chambers, where blood used to flow
but now empty, with scars, like the caves of Lascaux

inspired by Shaft of the Dead Man petroglyph art in the caves of Lascaux.
for daily prompt: exposure

February, 2017

cold shoulders

i drink my coffee
lukewarm, my tongue shy to the
touch of sharp, hot caffeine
burning against my throat
my fingertips cold against the keyboard,
trying to warm up some words
so that they won’t receive any cold shoulders,
will be listened to and heard
for daily prompt: lukewarm 

March, 2017

love at dusk

the bones of our earth
melt into the skin of the sky
as twilight folds in on itself
with a cool, soft sigh
the orange quickens its pace
gold blushing pink across the moon’s face
the violets stream and sink into
the deep blue night

for daily prompt: quicken

April, 2017


i could ride on it, the sound
of how your music hits the ground of my skull
my insides pulled outward, feeling exposed
by the turning of the prose over
a low rhythm grows, it rose as my
heart pounded, and then it slows

for daily prompt: harmony

May, 2017

event horizon

this tissue wrapping around my bones
is a black hole’s event horizon stolen
from its throne – if you had shone a light
across my eyes, you would have realized
light would be twisted, tugged at,
devoured, eaten, overthrown –
i’d bring it inside, never letting it out,
hours and seconds would lose their touch
building up lights into walls of stone
i take in more and more
even when i’ve already taken
in too much alone – the light’s
still there behind my stare
but to you it has been long gone
for quite some time,
nothing more than a tiny glare
that no longer shines

for daily prompt: none

June, 2017

out the door, off course

words walk out the door
yet lose their footing in
the space between
your face and mine
i could make out my outline
reflected in your eyes –
yet what lies beneath
the surface remains
difficult to define and chisel
out of the rock and hard place
we have come to, finding
ourselves a million miles
off course from what is true

for daily prompt: distant

July, 2017

courage like the feathered

birds do not require
adrenaline to walk
tight ropes above our heads
or to fly into the sun
and yet we need
that and more, just to
shut the door
when we know
but refuse to accept
what’s done is done
we always sink lower
when we could let go
and fly higher

for daily prompt: moxie

August, 2017

somewhere between

orange light licks
the arms and legs of trees
fog haunts the still air
from somewhere between
the worlds of sleep and dreams,
birds sweep away the silence
keeping the golden
light in the sky’s eyes
and silver dust lining
cloud seams

for daily prompt: symphony

September, 2017

you won’t

you won’t learn from others
unless you instruct yourself to learn
you won’t be allowed to grow
unless you let yourself grow
you won’t be encouraged to speak
if you become discouraged when weak
you won’t have an adventure to tell
if you expect all to end well

for daily prompt: educate

October, 2017


seek out the lackluster and you’ll
never be disappointed, but seek
out disappointment and you’ll
never be satisfied, but the best of
all is to live without limitations –
stepping outside boundaries to
be greeted with moments beyond
expectation – grief, failure, happiness,
success – anything could unfold –
truth be told, if you live boldly
all that is lackluster will be made of gold

for daily prompt: expect

November, 2017

take a moment to breathe

sometimes the way
to champion the day
is to be a couch potato
lounge all of the worries
right out of your head
and everyone who judges you
are secretly just jealous
wishing they were in
your place instead

for daily prompt: glorious

December, 2017


don’t get too comfortable with yourself.
there is always going to be someone
who puts you back on the shelf, unread.
all the words they didn’t read about
you, will replay and reshape themselves
inside your own head until you have a
new story – one that makes you a
little less comfortable, a little more
uneasy with yourself instead.

for daily prompt: cozy