Tiny Fawns

Daily poetry from Brianna Dawn.

Our Universe Is Dead

Ruggedly Handsome

His forehead furrowed with a wrinkle of time And the stars as freckles shined on his cheeks His nebulous eyes, shouting out charms into the mist As he clenched his fists, drenched in the smoke of a Lightning storm – as we move away, through time, His form diminishes, folding into the deep outer edges of Space, where his heartache sleeps ______ Poem from the Our Universe Is Dead Poetry […]

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Stick ’em in a pot of lava, Jesus said As he fed the chickens some day-old bread The stars melted and blew up into a thousand Slimy pieces of muddy dust and cloudy lead I’ll just sweep it under the rug, he said Vacuumed it all up into a blackhole bag Belly sagging from being overfed The stardust has seeped into his head ______ Poem from the Our Universe Is […]

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Rehab with planets and star pills

Highly medicated, the astronaut begins trippin’ Through the asteriod belt, nothing but spilled pills Rolling toward the edge of cotton balls strung out Into a milky way, huffing on the clouds God puffs his cheeks out and whistles out loud To a Wiz Khalifa song while Poking a hole into the universe, it spins around the room Like a balloon losing air, out of control and drunk Unaware of gravity […]

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I might be

I sometimes receive unusual glances when I illustrate the images I see in my mind when I exercise and work out my favorite words In a block of text, everything is a picture, everything is an emotion, A shape, a whirlwind and mixture of lovely potions to magically Seduce my intellect and nurture my imagination, When they look at words, they are just inked black things they practiced on other […]

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