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A Special Note

Happy Midnight Greetings from Japan!

I wanted to let everyone know that from March the 23rd through April 4th I will be spending spring vacation with my boss and her family in Australia. They were gracious enough to invite me and I honestly cannot think of a better way to celebrate Ostara than by relishing in the beauty of the Gold Coast.

During this time, I will be limiting my access to the internet and all forms of technology. I fully plan to roll around in the sun and fun of Australia and let it wrap its warm arms around me … either that or it’ll kick me in the ass with a lightning bolt of artistic inspiration … or maybe both? We can hope. ūüôā

Anyway, I digress. During this time, I will not be participating in the Daily Post WordPress challenges that I usually do to meet my goal of posting poetry every day of the year. (I will double up on these once I return to Japan and settle in on April 5th). 

Instead, I will be prescheduling two poem updates each day that I am absent. 
These poems are all previous poems I wrote back in 2015. 
They will be a part of an ongoing poetry collection entitled 
Reflections 2015, A Poetry Collection of Written Works by Tiny Fawns.
I will update this collection during periods of time when I am not available to provide realtime daily updates.

You can see an outline of the poem titles and dates they will post on my Poetry Collections Page here. 

All comments, questions, and ping backs will receive a response once I return (April 5th).   

This will be my first time to visit Australia so I’m hoping during this time to not only enjoy all of the wonderful experiences and adventures that await, but to also tackle a poetry project I’ve been mulling over since the end of February. If this project comes to full fruition by the time I leave Australia, I will be very excited because it will hopefully be a nice little pocket of poems I hope journals or publishers would like to stick their hands into.

Thank you for reading this long and rambling update. 

I hope the arrival of Spring brings you all happiness, inspiration, opportunities, and peace! ūüôā

-Brianna Dawn, AKA Tiny Fawns

funerary (& personal thoughts)

(I’ve provided personal thoughts on why I wrote this particular poem at the bottom of this poem.¬†I hope it resonates as a tiny high five of encouragement for those of you who may find yourself struggling with art or needing that little bit of a push to finally put yourselves out there).¬†

in my head there is a pyre
inspiration plays the lyre
setting my fingers and hands on fire
the Canvas in front of me inquires
Read more

Tiny Brave Fawns, Adventurous Artistic Pursuits, & Gratitude

Something I’ve learned, relearned, and have taken to heart this year:

When it comes to art, always strive to be brave enough to share it. Read more

Thank You, Everyone

As I begin typing this blog entry, there are about 13 minutes left of the month of January in 2017. Soon February will wake up and step into the world for a solid 28 days of windy cold wintry weather that will keep me wrapped up in every piece of fleece clothing and blanket I own.

As January draws to a close, I would like to thank all of the wonderful people who have decided to click the follow/subscribe on my poetry writing and artistic dabbling.

This year, I decided to refresh my world by setting a series of small goals that could only be achieved over a lengthy time frame. I’ve always been more of a climb to the top of the mountain kind of girl, seeking out super large life goals to accomplish. However, as I grow older, I¬†thought it would be refreshing and healthy to recondition my mind to think differently about goals and to discipline myself with routine in order to improve my skills and to … well, not procrastinate on all of the wonderful art I could be doing now instead of saying “I’ll do it later.”

Every single poem you’ve read, every colored work of art, every update you’ve seen touch this blog is proof that I’m sticking to these goals:

– One post a day for the entire year,
– One post a day for WP Daily Prompts
– One post a week for the WP Discover Challenge
– One post a week of a Shadowscapes colored pencil project

Though these seem small, to break into a committed routine after a lengthy time sleeping through a couple of years of depression, I can honestly say I’m proud of myself for these little nuggets of positivity. My artistic passion and interests that have been quiet for so long have in a sense been reborn again, all shiny and new! This has motivated me to start a new writing project and to also learn how to do watercolor painting (which I hope to share here as well). Furthermore, this has given me the strength to delve into spiritual paths that have opened up healthier roads to travel emotionally.

Anyway, before this becomes too lengthy of a post, thank you for following and sticking around. You all have been a great encouragement.

-Brianna, AKA Tiny Fawns

goodbye & hello, wolf

the music reads notes from the book
and my inner eye looks in upon the tiny shadows
balled up, in the corner – and you were there,
i remember everything, you said
the thread between us still connected
while i’m up breathing the air of life
and you are sleeping in the soil, dead
but like leaves,
you whisper of hope and take me across
the existential plains, tranquil water
surfaces within my head
and like trees, i know you’ll return
back to me, regardless of where i am
and what i’ll become – i’ll find and see you
running into the sun

Meet Logan, the lovely prince. Unfortunately he passed away last year.
But he was such a wonderful soul. Apparently in his older age,
he became too territorial. However, he was always kind and
gentle to me, so today I’d like to remember him.¬†

Tiny Goal Achiever – Disciplinary Trophy, Unlocked!

I can proudly say I’ve been keeping my writing and art goals of the year steady and strong. I know it’s only fifteen days into the year, but since I’ve always been more of a “large” goal achiever instead of a “small” goal achiever this is really good for me.

I haven’t had this much structure and discipline for my creativity since, well,¬†high school and university.

The only difference is that I’ve taken the reins of responsibility and I am now holding myself accountable for everything I peel out of my imagination and choose to stick to paper or type out on a screen. Since I’m older (I graduated from university seven years ago and from high school twelve years ago), disciplining and conditioning my mind for writing and art is giving my brain a much needed stretch out – like yoga for the brain.

I’m kinda learning to focus on being a master of pieces instead of worrying about being a masterpiece.

I’m no longer relying on professors or teachers to press deadlines and requirements in my face.

I’m no longer trying to manipulate my work to achieve some sort of letter grade or percentage, I’m just letting my work fall flat on its face.

If someone comes along and picks it up, dusts off its shoulders and then examines it, deciding they actually find any sort of value in it Рgood on them.

If someone comes along and finds no value in it at all – also, good on them.

Separating my enthusiasm and love for art from what I feel my enthusiasm and love for art should be by some other standard or measure has been one of my greatest achievements.

A lot of my poetry that I wrote in the past never saw the light of day, and nearly all of it I would delete or even tear up and throw away. I would write with the impression that I had someone hovering right over my shoulder, like some sort of chaperone guarding and judging whatever creation would surface from my brain to my pen onto the paper.

Now I’m my own chaperone throwing caution to the wind. But … also making sure to pick it back up to make sure it’s okay from time to time in order to give myself a safe and steady push in a positive direction. ūüôā


A Year of Shadowscapes: Up in the Jade Blue Sky

A couple of weeks ago, I found my mind tangled up in a dream. I found myself soaring seemingly weightless above unending canopies of trees as far as the eyes could see. I glided effortlessly and quickly past trees and through tree limbs; no leaves or stray twigs scratched at my face. Then there was an opening — a circle wide open staring at the sky. Without much thought, I floated quickly upward, upward, until I felt suspended, peacefully, surrounded by a jade blue sky with satiny clouds softly spilling over its face. At that moment, I felt something I hadn’t felt for a very long time – the serenity that warmly takes my cold hands and the peace that cups my face in the palms of its hands. I woke up, the memory of the emotions, feelings, colors, and sensations burned into my mind and heart – this was the feeling of my love for art reawakening, rising from its long sleep.

I kept my love for coloring and pastels boxed up for a long time – I lost my skills, they wasted away and collected dust just like my old paint bottles and art supplies boxes stuffed into the shed. However, recently, my new job that I started a couple of months ago has presented me with opportunities to really flex my artistic muscles again. This job has been a saving grace after such a rough year – it has woken me up from artistic depression and has pushed me to get out of my slump and get to crackin’ on the things I love to do.

It’s true what they say, “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” I’ve lost so much of my skill and technique. Yet I don’t mind. I’m truly looking forward to rebuilding my skills from the bottom up while hopefully also improving and maturing my technique and style. Eventually I want to branch back into actually drawing things with the focus on proportion/dimension accuracy. However, for now, I will be starting with healthy baby steps so as not to burn myself out too soon.

I will be doing a simple project entitled “A Year in Shadowscapes.” One of my favorite artists, Stephanie Law, has created a wonderfully magic world of creatures, humans, and things that vividly¬†(and eerily) convey a lot of the imagery I have imagined since childhood. She released a coloring book called Shadowscapes with samples of her beautiful artwork. Each week of 2017 I will color and share one artwork with a total of 52 images. There will be 11 remaining images left in the book — I will probably color and upload them as extra ones depending on how busy (really busy) I’ll be with other art projects at work. (At my job I will be art director for our musical, so I will be working on creating all of the stage props and backdrops).

Anyway, this was, OF COURSE, super long-winded and rambling.

In brief, I’m quite excited to be in love with art and wanting to create, color, share and feel everything positive art has to offer to the world again. Depression has a way of taking away those loves and interests and then holding them for ransom as you stare blankly at pieces of paper and canvases, wondering if you’ll ever be able to channel creativity again. Fortunately, depression was kind enough to return mine¬†to me and I’m going to do whatever it takes to keep my motivation for art healthy and filled with purpose.¬†

As always, thank you for dropping by and reading.

You may see progress on the project here: clickety-click.