into the dust

until we fade into dust,
i’ll write your initials
into foggy windows.
dreaming of stars in our eyes
and for just one more day,
for our hearts to grow older

© Tiny Fawns, 2018


light writes dark
into her existence
so that we may
learn to love her more

dark writes light
into existence
so that we may
learn to love ourselves more

© Tiny Fawns, 2018

to be the river

she’d rather be the sun,
the bright starlight

he’d rather be the moon,
reflecting the sun quietly in the night

i’d rather be the river, letting in
both sources of the light – i’ll reflect them both,
carry them along,
let them travel into the depths until
they both fade out of sight

light is light and will always be light
regardless of the dimness or brightness
of which it shines,

candle or lamp
sun or moon
day or night

© Tiny Fawns, 2018

too lovely

even angels would
find your light
you compose the stars
they wish upon
during the night
the love they count
on the petals of a rose

© Tiny Fawns, 2018