freckles and bone

my freckles whisper, connect the dots
blonde hair, hazel eyes, dull skin
i’m a printout, a walking transcript
of DNA, RNA, and other alphabetical
codes and numbers and alleles pinning up mysteries
of the universe within my bone marrow
and brain, tiny spiraling ladders carry the blueprint
into the unknown, those tiny little grains –
blood cells, ebbing and flowing with the tide
connecting the uniqueness of
our fingerprints and irises into one common thread,
that carries on life, even after our last breath
has fed our last heart beat from our chests,
before we are settled into
dust and bones and buried like the rest

When my pawpaw passed, I found
myself staring in the mirror – trying to pick out
features from myself I could connect and relate
to his existence that has departed from this world for
the stars. Sometimes your memories aren’t just kept
alive through your own thoughts – as you peer at
a friend, enemy, or family member, certain features –
their smile, the way their hair falls around their face,
their posture as they walk, the slenderness of their fingers,
the graceful sharpness of their chin – those characteristics
might remind you of something, someone, somewhere.
So memories that have long been forgotten might be
retraced or resurface in your thoughts right when you
least expect them and in the most peculiar ways.
Here’s a brief poem I wrote, in which I contemplate
just how much of an influence our DNA has on creating
physical qualities that trigger our emotions and memories
of the past.

written by Tiny Fawns for #DiscoverWP

Rattle Snakes and Damsels

walk into my personal bubble and take a seat with some tea
allow me to transform your words into falling oak tree leaves
departing from the lips of twigs like damsels in distress
i’ll turn your words to pure gold, you deserve nothing less
the alchemy plays hopscotch while skipping stones make enchanting trails
from the gateways of my mind,
i’ll illuminate one man’s nirvana
and manipulate another man’s hell,
all the while articulating that both sides are fine and well
i’ll turn the page, binding you with a single look
that took the words right out of the air to fashion you
a tiny book, one might call me a crook
for seemingly taking your emotions right from under your nose
you might say my power lies like rattle snakes under shifting sands
and flirty prose

Poem by TinyFawns for #DiscoverWP