Tiny Fawns

Daily poetry from Brianna Dawn.

Reflections 2015

my thoughts settle into the cocoa

I could take you anywhere, If I decided to venture Outside of my door, I could tell you anything, If I rose from my sleep, Where I’m curled up on the floor My blanket a milky fog, Lounging like a fluffy cat across the keyboard My pillow a flattened marshmallow, Gnawed on by hot chocolate Half of my face illuminated by the light Spying in on me through the Threads […]

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roadkill and the ghost of a dead horse beaten

I’m not some shit car For you to drive around Run red lights and park sloppily Over the lines, fuck your rolling stops The brakes really aren’t that difficult to find Quit trying to drive me straight down winding roads And stop jumping lanes when no one else is around There is no one left to impress They departed after your failed first impression Quit chasing the yellow lines on […]

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yellow eyes and a dead battery

You rose your arms Blinking your yellow eyes Flashing like bicycle reflectors In the moons of my eyes Spooky words rise from your throat And my heart rumbles Thunder in my chest Cursed by your charms and blessed With one last heavy breath before I Crumple up in a fetal position, a crushed Soda can on the sidewalk, you downed me in three drinks Now you’re up all night watching […]

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