Tiny Fawns

Daily poetry from Brianna Dawn.

Air and Shadows

Excuse me as I cloud my mind with coffee, Wind licks away the fog on windows The clock ticks, dripping sunlight down the backs of tree Limbs, my stems wrapped up in knots of linen Air hangs on to the dust, the blinds grinning, Bearing teeth through the slits of shadows I stacked up my bones and raked shallow Smears of makeup on my lips and face, tugging the Sweater […]

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Floating to the Surface

These past couple of years have been an absolute struggle to find the desire to sit down and write. Off again, on again. Old blogs set on fire. Rose up out of the ashes a couple of times just to quickly pour buckets of ice cold water down the spine of my creativity. I reached a breaking point on a hot late summer day in 2016. I was broke and […]

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