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take a moment to breathe

sometimes the way
to champion the day
is to be a couch potato
lounge all of the worries
right out of your head
and everyone who judges you
are secretly just jealous
wishing they were in
your place instead

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: glorious


love is when one desires
to create and create some more,

regret is when one desires to recreate
what one created or didn’t create before

grief is when one can’t create and suffers
recreating moments which can’t be created anymore

hope is when one can’t create and
can’t recreate but believes anyway they
can within the core of their soul

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: recreate

from foolishness, wisdom

taste the sweetest wine
by cracking open your skull
pull out all of your mind
write foolishly, always
intoxicate your words
dance with them,
love every single line
and then one day
time will say, what’s written
has made you wise

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: flavorful

sometimes the moon’s the villain

the sting of the night
rings in your ears
you try to answer
the moon’s calls,
he throws anxiety, like darts
he drapes shadows across
your fears as they roll around
each other in the dark
you wonder if the stars
can help find what you lost

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: sting

caves, cages, nests

there’s a nest in my head
filled with sticks of trees which once
whistled, kicking up their legs, tossing their
arms, fighting in the breeze, holding on
to their leaves before they let them take leave
birds hang on wires and limbs
cats curl up against tires
bugs hike up flower stems
i’ll read my mind like a book
over time it hardened into a tiny,
sometimes overlooked gem
i’ll let my words catch fire
smoldering the page, when my
thoughts are hatched and brought up
in the nest of these things, they’ll shine
my mind can escape from the cage,
from the cave i’ll crawl, leaving it behind

love, love, or love?

and he said, as he looked at his face
in the melting ice of his drink
i couldn’t tell if she was
infatuated, or truly into
the truth of me, if she even cared about
my ugly guts and insides and all those
vulnerabilities i could be hiding,
but i think, he said,
her desires were stuck to
the surface of my skin
letting her heart feel all of the hollow
lies she convinced herself was love,
but really was just an empty shell pretending
to sound like the ocean in her head
and now she has me all messed up
wondering if the love i know is actually love
or if it was all just a lie i misread

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: penchant


frightened to the bone,
your blood wanted to run right
out of you, turning your skin
cold and head light
anxiety swarms your brain like bees
nervous that ghosts might unravel themselves
from the shadows of the night
and float like balloons in the wind,
bending their knuckles around
your eyes, you can feel them
climbing up your spine
wondering why you turned the light off
but it continues to shine
from the other room,
someone calls from the hall,
you turn around and see nothing,
not anyone, not even yourself at all